Bedlamb Howl HIBs HXBs HTAD III-sd HRD I-s RLF III-s
Howl is from all ABCA/ISDS lines.  He is a strong dog who readily works his stock keeping
them in line.  His pedigree is full of wonderful dogs who have run open level USBCHA trials
on both sheep and cattle.  He is a full brother to my Quake from a previous breeding.  Just
recently I had the pleasure of watching him compete for his first HXAs leg.  He handled the
course like a dream earning a score of 96 and a High In Trial.  He is soon to begin his career
competing in USBCHA trials at the Open level.

Owned by Terri Chisman, her assessment of Howl is as follows:  Howl was born in January
2007.  Since his eyes opened he has shown immediate interest in working any livestock
shown to him.  He lives on a working farm and helps with ducks, sheep and occasionally the
horse.  He is happy to practice on goats and cattle as well.  His attitude on life can be
summed up as such:  "I am on an adventure, and you are welcome to join me if you like!"
Health Clearances:

OFA Hips Certified Excellent
DNA CL Normal
DOB:  January 7, 2007
Height:  22"
Weight:  45 pounds
Color:  Black & White
Favorite Stud
Rainbow Bridge