There are two puppies available from the Chill  x Howl litter born on October
19, 2017; one male and one female.  I am very excited about these puppies and
they should be excellent for working/performance homes!  Feel free to contact
me for more information.  Pictures can be seen towards the end of this page.
My Dogs
Rainbow Bridge
Sun - Black and White Male                     YouTube Video:  Sun being introduced to sheep
Penny - Black and White Female                      YouTube Video:  Penny introduced to sheep
Chill - Black Tri
Howl - Black and White
Haze had her puppies February 7, 2018!  There are four blue merle males
(three with tri), three blue merle females (one with tri) and one tri female.  
I am currently taking deposits for this litter.
Haze - Blue Merle
Ash - Red Tri
Puppy One
Blue Merle Female
Puppy Two
Blue Merle Tri Male
Puppy Three
Blue Merle Male
Puppy Four
Blue Merle Tri Male
Puppy Five
Blue Merle Tri Male
Puppy Six
Blue Merle Tri Female
Puppy Seven
Black & White Tri Female
Puppy Eight
Blue Merle Female
Pictures were taken March 15, 2018.  Puppies were thirty-six days old.  They
were having a play date with a friend's young children!
Group Play
Sun and Penny were born on October 19, 2017.  The pictures below were
taken at different times during their puppyhood.  The stacked pictures were
taken March 15, 2018, a very leggy time for these puppies!